Magnetic Drive Pump MP

The MP series magnetic pump has a pair of magnets connected to the impeller and the motor shaft. It is different in structure from the traditional centrifugal pump. There is no shaft seal. The pump cavity is separated by the back shell. The motor drives the magnetic field to rotate. The coupling force drives the impeller to rotate, so make liquid transportation.

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Magnetic Drive Pump for Sale

MP small corrosion-resistant magnetic pump is one kind of small and refined chemical centrifugal pump that applies the principle of modern magnetism and realizes non-contact indirect transmission through the cooperation between permanent magnets. When the motor drives the outer magnetic steel rotor to rotate, the inner magnetic steel rotor assembly and the impeller are driven to rotate synchronously through the isolation sleeve with the action of the magnetic field. The liquid is completely enclosed in the stationary isolation sleeve, so that the liquid is transported no leakage. The magnetic drive method solves the problem of shaft seal leakage of traditional mechanical centrifugal pumps, avoids environmental problems such as leakage and pollution, increases the working life of the pump, and save your more money!

magnetic pump mp-15r Video

Features and Benefits Of magnetic water pump

Zero escape:

The seal-less design on the magnetic drive pump has a corrosion-resistant rear casing that separates the drive magnet and the magnet capsule.

Corrosion resisting:

The pump body is made of raw material from Europe, stronger corrosion-resistant. You can choose CFRPP or PVDF depending on what kind of chemical liquid you send. The pump spindle can be made from ceramic and SIC. The ceramic spindle is generally applied for low corrosion. The SIC spindle is excellent for high corrosion liquid.

Maximum Durability:

The parts are standard, easy to assembling, checking, maintaining, more convenient and saving more time.

Magnetic drive circulation pump is full-sealed with motor connecting shaft and impeller are separately equipped with magnetic materials. It is unnecessary to fit with traditional shaft seal and complete-ness sealed constitutive water pump. Avoids defects of pollution after corrosion caused by liquid leakage, that still adopts special ceramics as shaft bearing, characterizing strong resistance for abrasion and corrosion. It’s advanced performance and quality is the optimum liquid transport pump on the industrial equipment.

magnetic pump liquid filling machine parameters specification table

ModelTube interfaceThread interfaceMax.capacity (L/min) 50Hz/60HzMax.Head (m) 50Hz/60HzStand capacitySpecific gravityMotor
Inlet(mm)Outlet(mm)Out-inlet(inch)Tube(mm)Capacity(L/min) 50Hz/60HzHead(m) 50Hz/60HzOutput(w) 50Hz/60HzPhase

electrical magnetic pump negative pressure pump Main Application:

These pumps are perfect for the serious home-use. Magnetic coupled, stainless head, H rated up to 110’,nearly 4m of lift! Apply to:Beer Dispensing, Water Treatment, Pollution Control, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry.

magnetic pump liquid filling machine Note:

Under the condition of normal temperature and clean water, the head at the maximum capacity is 0; the capacity at the highest head is 0.

Operating voltage of single-phase motor is separated with 110V、220V、240V; operating voltage of three-phase motor is 380V.

Normal operating temperature is 0-80℃, If the higher operating environments is required, please consult with us.

The performance and connection size for pump with spiral interface is as same as the pump with tube interface.

MP-120RT magnetic pump: Latest interface design convenient and quickly to be dismantled and reinstalled, suitable for the vocations such as family fish viewing, seafood breeding etc.

Magnetic drive pump of MPH-400 can be equipped with the motor of 0.37kw, and its connection is 71 of the IEC standard.

Magnetic drive pump of MPH-401 can be equipped with the motor of 0.75kw, and its connection is 80 of the IEC standard.

G= is the straight pup specs of UK.

We will not notice if the specification and the dimension changed.

magnetic pump 12v structure drawing

mini water pump magnet flow diagram :

Strong Factory Strength

CLEY TECH is one professional company to sell the high quality of Magnetic drive pumps, Miniature Diaphragm Pump, Metering Pump and Household Pumps more than 20 years.Our company specialize in the research and development of Frequency conversion constant pressure multistage Pumps, Variable frequency multistage centrifugal Pumps, Miniature shield Pumps, Intelligent shield Pumps, Horizontal centrifugal Pumps, Vertical frequency conversion multistage Pumps and miniature precision motors.

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Packing for magnetic pump 220v

  • Step 1: PVC film packing, which can ensure that the magnetic drive centrifugal pump is completely covered, avoiding water and rust.
  • Step 2: Carton box packing, with a fixed template on the outermost layer.
  • Step 3: All of the packing are inspected carefully by QC before delivery.

Pro-Sale Service of magnetic drive chemical pump

  • Free sample testing service: you can send us the CAD file of the sample you want to cut, we will cut it at the factory and send the cutting video to you, or we can mail the sample to you.
  • Personalized customized solutions: In order to meet your needs of cutting quality and efficiency, we can design unique solutions according to your requirements.
  • Inquiries and consulting services for all magnetic drive pump wort pump food grade.

After-Sale Service of mp-15r stainless magnetic pump

  • The warranty period is 2 years for the magnetic drive pump manufacturers.
  • When you need to replace the wearing parts of cheap food pump, we will provide them at the agent price.
  • If there are any problems during the warranty period, we will replace the main parts free of charge.
  • The food pump for sale software provides free lifetime update service.
  • 24-hour online technical support (phone, email, Teamviewer, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, QQ, etc.)
  • We provide English training videos and user manuals for stainless steel food pump installation and operation, etc. We can also provide technical guidance remotely.
  • Free training at the Cley Tech. factory.
  • The engineer can repair the magnetic drive pump overseas.

Delivery for magnetic drive pump

All of the magnetic drive pumpcan be shipped worldwide. You can choose shipping by sea, by train, by truck, by air or by international express and DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc. Click the button below to submit your information, we will provide you with professional service. Welcome!

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