Bellow Dosing Pump

D (DZ, DS and DZR) series bellow metering pump is a simple structure, economical and practical chemical liquid addition pump. Most of all the DZ and DZR type deconstruction is more compact and commonly used in small flow occasions. This series of pumps adopts a non-leakage structure. High reliability, very suitable for the additive process of various devices in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Bellow Dosing Pump for Sale

Corrosion resistant, multi-purpose pump

Manufactured using a combination of polypropylene and synthetic rubber, the pumps in this series can handle acids, alkalis, and various corrosive chemical solutions. Furthermore, capable of dry run operation and self-priming, these pumps can be used for multiple purposes as desired.

Leakage-free, safe structure

Since the pumps in this series are free of shaft seal, there is no trouble caused by liquid leakage. Also, the pump has its motor protected with a cover.

Superior durability

The specially designed bellows, molded as a single body, can ensure tens of millions of expansion and contraction cycles. Combined with its rugged drive mechanism, the pump provides superior durability.

Wide range of discharge capacity

The pump provides three types of flow rates by changing its bellows. Moreover, if the pump is a multi-head type, proportionate injection of several different liquids is also possible.

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Features and Benefits Of flexible bellows for pumps

No leakage, for there is no mechanical sealing part, no leakage exists; Precision of outlet, + 1.5% high precision can be achieved at the condition of clean water; Self-suction, suction range is 1 meter at the condition of normal atmosphere temperature and clean water; Allowed to dry rotation, for working chamber bag consists of bellows, dry rotation is allowed; Long service life, the chamber is made from PP with special prescription that could withstand millions of reciprocating motion; Anti-corrosion, metering pump body is made from PP and the valve is made from special prescription of FPM,EPDM that could resist various acid alkali and other corrosive liquids; The liquid temperature, the maximum pressure become half level when the temperature from 20°C to 50°C. if the temperature of liquid exceed 40°C, the corrosive rate would rise.

Purpose: Automatic washing for color film, expansion of photograph, X-ray film, microfilm, cine-film and others ; using on beverage vending machine; using on Mucus blending and ration of addition for food additive; Using on Etching, cleaning, and printing of electronic substrate printed circuits ;using on acid-base neutralization of water treatment and NGL input; Dosing of plating solution; Widely used in the quantitative input of various agents such as additive and other bleach.

rubber bellow for pumps parameters specification table

ModelPump styleType of corrugated pipeMax Capacity (ml/min)Revolution (rpm)Max pressure (Psi)Caliber(mm)Input (W)Height of self-suction (cm)
50HZ60HZ50HZ60HZInlet outlet
DZ-1XSingle pump1293510125.898100
DZ-2XSingle pump211914110124.598100
DZ-2YSingle pump217521015183.098100
DZ-2ZSingle pump223227820241.598100
2DZ-1XDouble pump1587010124.598100
2DZ-2XDouble pump223828210124.598100
2DZ-2YDouble pump235055615181.598100
2DZ-2ZDouble pump246455620241.598100
DZN-1XSingle pump-Quadruple pump1293510125.898100
DZN-2XSingle pump-Quadruple pump211914110124.598100
DZN-2YSingle pump-Quadruple pump217521015183.098100
DZN-2ZSingle pump-Quadruple pump223227820243.098100
DS-1FSingle pump1115139404812.098150
DS-1PSingle pump1200243708412.0930150
DS-1QSingle pump12603109010812.0930150
2DS-1FDouble pump1230278404812.098150
2DS-1PDouble pump1400486708412.0930150
2DS-1QDouble pump15206209010812.0930150
DS-2ESingle pump2357428303612.098150
DS-2FSingle pump2460552404812.098150
DS-2GSingle pump2570685506012.098150
DS-2PSingle pump2798955708412.0930150
DS-2QSingle pump299011809010812.0930150
2DS-2EDouble pump2714856303612.098150
2DS-2FDouble pump27201104404812.098150
2DS-2GDouble pump211401370506012.098150
2DS-2PDouble pump215961910708412.0930150
2DS-2QDouble pump2198023609010812.0930150
DZR-3XSingle pump3100120101212.09650
DZR-3YSingle pump3150180151812.09650
DZR-3ZSingle pump3200240202412.09650

electric bellows pump Application:

Automatic development of colour film microfilm cinefilm and etc; It is uesd in beverage vending machine; Sticking liquid and mediation; Quantitative replenishment of food additive; The etching and cleaning of electronic basicplate printing Circuit; The neutralization of acid and alkali for water treatment the utilization of condensating separation agent; Quantitative supply of electroplate liquid; Widely used in quantitative priming of additive bleaaching liquid and medicaments.

chemical dosing pump structure drawing

dosing pump for chemical liquid flow diagram :

Strong Factory Strength

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Our Service

Packing for chlorine dosing pump

  • Step 1: PVC film packing, which can ensure that the film bellow dosing pump is completely covered, avoiding water and rust.
  • Step 2: Carton box packing, with a fixed template on the outermost layer.
  • Step 3: All of the packing are inspected carefully by QC before delivery.

Pro-Sale Service of electromagnetic metering pump

  • Free sample testing service: you can send us the CAD file of the sample you want to cut, we will cut it at the factory and send the cutting video to you, or we can mail the sample to you.
  • Personalized customized solutions: In order to meet your needs of cutting quality and efficiency, we can design unique solutions according to your requirements.
  • Inquiries and consulting services for all polyurethane metering pump.

After-Sale Service of laboratory metering chemical pump

  • The warranty period is 2 years for the bellow metering pumps.
  • When you need to replace the wearing parts of bellow metering pumps, we will provide them at the agent price.
  • If there are any problems during the warranty period, we will replace the main parts free of charge.
  • The bellow metering pumps software provides free lifetime update service.
  • 24-hour online technical support (phone, email, Teamviewer, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, QQ, etc.)
  • We provide English training videos and user manuals for bellow metering pumps installation and operation, etc. We can also provide technical guidance remotely.
  • Free training at the Cley Tech. factory.
  • The engineer can repair the stainless steel bellow metering pumps overseas.

Delivery for bellow metering pumps

All of the bellow metering pumps can be shipped worldwide. You can choose shipping by sea, by train, by truck, by air or by international express and DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc. Click the button below to submit your information, we will provide you with professional service. Welcome!

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