How about the micro vacuum pumps?

Means, it refers to a miniature air pump that can generate negative pressure, that is, it has one suction nozzle and one exhaust nozzle, and can continuously form a vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet; a slight positive pressure is formed at the exhaust nozzle ; The working medium is mainly gas, an instrument with a small volume. Also known as “micro vacuum pump”.

Working theory

The circular motion of the motor makes the diaphragm inside the pump reciprocate through the mechanical device, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump cavity to form a negative pressure, and a pressure difference between the suction port and the outside atmospheric pressure is generated. Under the action of the pressure difference, The gas is sucked into the pump cavity and then discharged from the exhaust port.

Features and usage

It is precisely because of this unique working method, the unique structure inside the pump, and the use of high-quality micro long-life motors that the micro vacuum pump truly has the following advantages:

  1. It can work continuously for 24 hours, with a life span of several thousand hours (intermittent use is far more than that!);

For example: The long-life type of the VAA series can even reach 8000 hours;

  1. Vacuum pump oil and lubricating oil are not required inside the pump, which does not pollute the working medium, allows the medium to be rich in water vapor, and does not require maintenance;
  2. It can be installed in any direction with low volume and noise, and it is truly portable and compact.

For example: VM series volume is only about the size of cigarette box;

  1. The allowable medium temperature range is wide (-10~150℃), and it can withstand up to 150 degrees.

Such as CL3025N high temperature customized II type, the maximum allowable medium temperature can reach 150 degrees Celsius.

  1. In addition to the suction port and exhaust port that can provide negative pressure and positive pressure at the same time, their suction and exhaust ends can carry heavy loads such as valves and filters, or even block them. All of them belong to normal operation. Such as FM, FAA, PCF series.

Miniature vacuum pumps can be used for gas sampling, gas circulation, gas collection and analysis, accelerated filtration, vacuum adsorption, vacuum filtration, air pumping, etc., but also for civilian use, such as beauty, breast enhancement, cupping, etc. It is widely used in scientific research, medical treatment, instrumentation, chemical analysis, biological engineering, automatic control, environmental protection, water treatment and many other fields. In some fields, it even replaces large vacuum pumps.